Effective Board Meetings


Do you ever have staff or management meetings that when finished you think to yourself that was a waste of time? I have and many of my clients have experienced this.

This leads to all members of the business losing interest and willingness to participate, which then becomes problematic. These meetings are vital to the success and development of the business. The absence of these meetings means you are losing all the expertise, knowledge, experience and different points of views that are vital for strategy development and staying on top of all compliance issues.

As the business owner or manager, you need to ensure this does not happen and that you properly prepare and manage the meeting. CLICK HERE for our guide to assist you in becoming an expert of effective board meetings.

There are many indirect benefits of having well managed board meetings. The main benefits being increased motivation and increased co-operation between board members. Many business owners/managers who understand this often outsource this role to an experienced professional who can provide expert advice.

Feel free to call Tim should you feel your business would benefit from having an experienced chairman. CLICK HERE to learn more about Tim.



Innovate or Die


Many people believe that innovation is a costly process or involves having a new product or technology. This is not often the case and innovation can happen throughout your business.

The common barriers to innovation are change management of staff practices, procedures and skills along with an unclear market position and direction of the business. An earlier post introduced the SWOT analysis tool to assist you with identifying your position within the market and guide strategy development. You can access it HERE.

Put simply, your clients want more of everything, pay as little as possible and want it now. This guide is an interesting first stepping stone for those wishing to grow their business. CLICK HERE to read the guide in full.



The best, the undefeated champion of all business tools developed to identify your position in the market and strategy creation. Credit to Mr Porter for creating an excellent tool for business that has stood the test of time.

Simple and easy to use. Get as many people to complete the SWOT as possible, both inside and outside your business. Consolidate the results. Bang heads in a management meeting and let the ideas fly.

CLICK HERE for SWOT guidance. 



Tim's indepth understanding of our business enables him to give us the best practical advice.