Rent renewal coming up?

rent review picture

Do you have a rent review coming up? Have you challenged your business rates? Looking to protect your business from increasing overheads? Need guidance on this?

CLICK HERE for our factsheet that will give you a headstart in the negotiations.

Credit control


Minimise your risk of bad debts and late payers by implementing credit control procedures or improving on them. These controls do not need to implemented for all customers. You may find it more appropriate to focus the credit control on high value work.

CLICK HERE for guidance on how to implement and improve credit control within your business.

Remember, it is not a sales until you receive the cash.

Brand Creation


Starting a business? Updating image? Targeting new market? Launching new products? Changing service and price structures?

CLICK HERE for an excellent starting point on creating a brand and guidance on how it can acheive your business objectives.



Tim's indepth understanding of our business enables him to give us the best practical advice.