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From company to self-employed

The transition from company to self-employment is not seen often. Generally you see individual incorporating their business into a company with the main motivation being to limit exposure to taxes and personal liability.

We are however living in a very difficult time regarding business and wealth which has seen many owner managed businesses wishing to dis-incorporate to take advantages of the lower compliance costs and the ease of record keeping.

Historically, a number of 'exit charges' existed when transferring the business trade and assets out of a company. These being the realisation of balancing charges on plant and machinery and the realisation of capital gains on the goodwill (value of the business over and above the fair value of assets).

New, higher limits now exist making it easier for small businesses to extract assets and goodwill from their companies. Our governing body, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants have prepared a detailed article which i would like to share with all those considering dis-incorporation. Please CLICK HERE to read further. 

Planning tip - The date you transfer assets will be very important. the balancing charges/allowances may determine when is best to dis-incorporate so you can either defer any tax liabilities or accelerate any tax relief.

Always seek help from a chartered registered firm of accountants before before taking any action.

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