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Class 2 NI payment requests

HMRC are currently issuing Class 2 NI payment request letters. Class 2 NIC is paid when trading as a self-employed individual or as a partnership. You should note that should payment not be received in time, they may pass the debt to a collection company thereby substantially increasing the cost.

Should you no longer be trading as self-employed or through a partnership, let HMRC know when you ceased being liable to this tax so they can update their records and correct the value of the debt owing (if any).

Tip - Many people in recent years have incorporated their business as the trade grows. In many circumstances, they forget that Class 2 NIC is being paid via direct debit. This is easy to do as the amount is £2.65 (12/13) per week.

Check your bank statements for this. You may be due a refund.

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