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Changes result in unexpected IHT bill

inheritence tax

Many business owners could be affected by a change in Inheritance Tax legislation. It is very common for business owners to fund their business by obtaining loans secured against their property. Due to the level of security offered by the owner, they are often able to negotiate very low interest rates making the loan a very cheap source of finance.

Historically, the loan value on the estate would be offset against the value of the property that is a chargeable asset and therefore reduce the value subject to IHT. Changes within the budget have meant that the loan is now to be offset against the value of the business only. In many circumstances, the value of the business is not chargeable to IHT so the changes result in a reduced value of a non-chargeable asset. Overall, the value of the chargeable estate is not reduced by this loan, meaning that there may be an unexpected tax bill.

What to consider:-

• If the tax is to be paid, you may wish to ensure there are liquid assets that can be sold to have the cash to pay the bill.

• Are we happy knowing that the heirs may have to sell the family home or other precious asset to fund any payment?

• As you have identified a potential tax bill, you could look at setting up a whole-of-life insurance policy that will cover the tax liability

• Considering the IHT nil rate band is in real terms reducing year-on-year, is it time to review my estate planning, wills and insurance policies?

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