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HMRC fuel rates from 01 June 14

The HMRC advisory fuel rates have been amended for travel from the 01 June with full details available by clicking HERE.

If an employee is provided with a company car and the company pays the fuel, a fuel benefit arises which can be very costly to both employee and employer. Many businesses come to an agreement with their employees so that the business is reimbursed for fuel used by the employee for personal use (this includes travelling from home to place of work). This process avoids the fuel benefit charge for both parties.

HMRC advise the fuel cost the employees are to repay their employers based upon the size of the engine. These rates are updated regularly.

Please note that to ensure the fuel benefit is avoided, good records need to be kept which fully support any personal usage. We recommend that you keep a log of the mileometer recording all business and personal mileage the vehicle travel. A copy of our mileage log can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require any assistance.

P.S. Dont forget that a VAT regisitered business will need to adjust for any VAT claimed on the petrol cost.

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